Master's Program

The rehabilitation course covers widely varying domains in the area of rehabilitation; associated subjects or specialties include not only physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech pathology, and visual function training, but also nursing, pharmacy, radiology, information science, medical care business administration, and medical care welfare. All these domains are closely related with rehabilitation.

Furthermore, the wide range of science study domains in conjunction with the rehabilitation course include life support engineering (medical care, welfare-related engineering) and rehabilitation sports. Students can meet a wide variety of requirements through their study in the master’s course.

We require students to gain sufficient knowledge and practical ability as practitioners of rehabilitation medicine, to master a study procedure such as study design or methodology, and to publish their findings. Therefore, our goal for the course is to foster rehabilitation experts in medical practice, well-educated individuals with intelligence and good judgment.

The target of the doctoral course is to foster students’ ability as independent researchers, from the inception of a study to its realization. We hope to instill in them the capability to work as responsible practitioners of rehabilitation and to constitute a study to build up the unification of large amount of their findings. Through their training as rehabilitation experts, students will cultivate qualities suitable for leaders in rehabilitation-related study, and connect it as being able to bring up the next generation of researchers.

Doctoral Program