Health Service Management

Master's Program

The IUHW Department of Health Services Management offers two master’s courses, h-MBA and Research (both two-year programs). The h-MBA course, Master of Business Administration in Healthcare, focuses on business-oriented teaching and research to provide essential management skills for the healthcare sector. The Research course provides students with the skill to conduct and interpret research in healthcare management, health policy, and public health.

Doctoral Program

The Department of Health Services Management’s doctoral program provides rigorous training in research on healthcare management, health policy, and health information. Faculty members engage in a broad range of research activities concerning healthcare management, economics, and policy. Major areas of research currently include analyses of healthcare management; cost and outcomes research using DPC/receipt data; analyses of regional developments in the health sector; analyses of medical devices, equipment, and medicine; health policy and healthcare law research; analyses of financing, taxes and decision-making in healthcare; and public health research.