Physical Therapy

Master's Program

Research activity is necessary to establish physical therapy as a science. It is essential for all physical therapists to devote themselves to their studies to provide patients with appropriate physical therapy treatments, effectively using their knowledge and techniques. Even more indispensable is a novel and advanced approach to development of new treatment techniques.

The master’s program in physical therapy requires its students to study the foundation of scientific thinking necessary to solve clinical problems. Through free discussions with faculty members, students are expected to acquire a well-balanced, open-minded logic and the capacity to absorb broad, varied perspectives. This ensures that in future, our students will act as both physical therapists and researchers in practical science.

Doctoral Program

Physical therapy comprises interdisciplinary scientific knowledge. To establish physical therapy as a science, it is critically important to foster capable personnel with a broad perspective and a new way of thinking. Graduate students in the doctoral program are expected to investigate a research theme with novel value, furthering various aspects of scientific thinking acquired in master’s level courses.

Furthermore, graduate students in the doctoral program are required to state their points and opinions logically, not only in discussion with other students and faculty members, but also at academic conferences outside school. The doctoral program in physical therapy anticipates that its students will become active physical therapists, both involving themselves in the education of younger generations simultaneously and taking responsibility for systematizing physical therapy as a scientific study in the future.