Training System for Nurses Pertaining to Specified Acts

The course, "Training System for Nurses Pertaining to Specified Acts," at our university was started in 2015, by the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare, as a training course for nurses, and was designed according to the specifications of the Act on Public Health Nurses, Midwives, and Nurses.

Our university offers courses on the specific acts from all 21 repartitions, and 38 acts prescribed by the relevant Ordinance of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. The nurse assigned to do a specific act is expected to be the key person of "Team medical treatment and care," who is responsible for the medical welfare system of our country and its aging society.

Based on the clinical practice of the nursing science, the course, "Training System for Nurses Pertaining to Specified Acts," of our university (formally The Nurse Practitioner Training Course), provides knowledge of clinical medicine in order to manage various diseases with insight into pathophysiological mechanisms as the level of intern medical doctors by the physical assessments including the medical interview and the physical examination.

The students are expected to prove their skills by using simulation models or echoes, and by objective clinical capacity test (OSCE) for simulating patients, and their ability to check necessary laboratory examinations and drug prescriptions. After that, they will undergo clinical training at the ward with other staff such as doctors and nurses at the following affiliated hospitals: University Hospital (Tochigi-ken), Mita hospital (Tokyo-to), and Atami hospital (Shizuoka-ken).

The students are also required to do their assigned research focusing on the cases experienced during their training in order to improve their talent with higher knowledge and skill, which should not be limited to the specific acts in 21 repartitions.