Assistive Technology Science

Master's Program

The Department of Assistive Technological Science offers two courses: one in assistive technological science, and the other in assistive products.

In the assistive technological science course, the main subject of research is biomechanics. The movements of the elderly and the physiologically handicapped are measured and evaluated; this data is utilized to improve the rehabilitation program and develop assistive products. The program is structured to welcome anyone interested in objective analysis of human movement and use of results in clinical practice.

In assistive products course, students perform up-to-date social and ergonomic studies concerning assistive products. This course is distinct in that the qualification of senior planner of assistive products, authorized by the Association for Technical Aids, is given along with the diploma. Experts in selection, consultation, management, and development of assistive products, and clinicians in the rehabilitation field are welcomed.

Doctoral Program

Students of the doctoral program conduct various studies concerning assistive technology. Frequent discussion between students and teachers stimulates PhD candidates’ research-oriented minds. We open our doors to clinicians, educators, and other specialists who wish to utilize their research to support the lives of patients and elderly people.