Privacy Policy

IUHW, under the “Law Regarding the Protection of Private Information”, takes great care in managing personal information exchanged through the university websites. We make every effort to protect and control personal information provided through our website under the strict management system.

Website content

This website is an official home page of IUHW Narita School of Nursing and Narita School of Health Science.


The copyright of documents, pictures, illustrations, other materials and related rights provided on this website belongs to IUHW Corporate in principle and are protected by the Copyright Act and other laws. Secondary application such as copying and diversion of the materials on the website without a permission of IUHW Corporate is prohibited except cases admitted by laws.

Management of personal information

Cases in which we ask for personal information

This website does not ask for any personal information unless we need to respond to requests of university information or other inquiries.

Use of personal information

We use personal information provided through the use of service or inquiries on this website only for the purposes admitted by the customers. We may send some inquires or information about events of the university through emails depending on the information or inquiries addressed by the sender.

Submission of personal information to third parties

We will not provide personal information to the third parties except the following cases:
When we obtain the agreement from the sender.
When we receive official request of referral based on the law by public sectors such as court or police.
When companies commissioned by IUHW is in need of personal information in order to provide services to the customers. (Commissioned companies will not use personal information given for the purposes other than those mentioned above).

Disclosure, correction, removal of personal information

We promptly respond to and cope with the following requests regarding personal information.
Verification of provided personal information
Correction, Update, Removal of personal information
Withdrawal of agreement regarding the use of personal information

Revision of the content on this page

IUHW may revise the part or all of the “Privacy policy” described on this webpage. We will make a prompt and comprehensible announcement on this webpage for any important changes.

Privacy Policy of IUHW Corporate

Fully understanding the importance of personal information, we have set the following policies and deal with various types of information with a thoroughgoing management system in order to protect personal information. We also strive to conduct appropriate use and protection of personal information through education and enlightenment activities to the faculty and administrative staff.
The acquisition, utilization, and submission of personal information will be conducted properly following the laws related to the protection of personal information and regulations of IUHW.
The objective of acquisition, and the limitation of use of personal information will be informed beforehand.
The personal information will be kept accurate and up to date as much as possible.
Preliminary measures are taken against fraudulent access to personal information that IUHW possess as well as lost, destruction, falsification, leakage of personal information.
IUHW corporate adhere to the laws concerned with the protection of personal information and make efforts to continuously improve the system of protecting personal information.
IUHW discloses indefinable personal information without delay after some procedures upon requests addressed by the person in question.

Contact address

The contact details for the Privacy Policy as follows:

International University of Health and Welfare
Div. of General Management
2600-1 Kitakanamaru, Ohtawara-shi, Tochigi-ken
TEL 0287-24-3000 FAX 0287-24-3100

The contact details for the Treatment of Personal Information as follows:

International University of Health and Welfare
Div. of Student Affairs
2600-1 Kitakanamaru, Ohtawara-shi, Tochigi-ken
TEL 0287-24-3003 FAX 0287-24-3140