Clinical Psychology in Health and Welfare

Master's Program

We offer a unique educational and research program to foster advanced medical welfare specialists who are expected to take leading roles in the health, medical, welfare, and educational fields. Our program takes advantage of our attached hospitals, namely IUHW Mita Hospital and Atami Hospital, as well as welfare facilities such as Shinjuku Keyakien. Our Clinical Psychology Specialty is also incorporated; practical training practices are carried out at various affiliate facilities, including the psychiatric departments of the attached hospitals, welfare and educational facilities, and IUHW Graduate School’s Aoyama Counseling Room. Through practical training, we intend to foster clinical psychologists with advanced expertise, an academic nature, multi-disciplinary knowledge, and a rich humanity, who will be capable of contributing to the professional front.

We invite applicants from the wide range of areas, including specialists in the health, medical and welfare fields, graduates from psychology-related departments or courses, graduates from other general university courses, and adults with work experiences. Applicants must be willing to become clinical psychologists able to work cooperatively and with an international perspective with people in a variety of fields, such as health, medicine, and welfare. The Clinical Psychology Specialty is offered at Tokyo Aoyama Campus, which is located adjacent to Aoyama-itchome Station.

Doctoral Program

The doctoral program in Clinical Psychology in Health and Welfare offers training at a higher level of education and research for graduates from any professional graduate school for clinical psychology, or from any graduate school designated for clinical psychologist training. In particular, we aim to foster human resources who are able to provide research and practical instruction from an international perspective on various issues in the domain of health and welfare.

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