Graduate School

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Graduate School
International University of Health and Welfare

For researchers to explore the future of health, medical and welfare fields

The Graduate School at the International University of Health and Welfare offers programs for scholars for further mastery as researchers and expert medical partners. The programs are set up and scheduled so that students can learn while working full-time or even after a long interval.


The Graduate School of IUHW aims to foster health and welfare researchers, educators and experts to meet the needs of the 21st century. It opens its doors to those who want to research and investigate further while still working full-time.

1999 Establishment of MS Program in Health Sciences
2001 Establishment of PhD Program in Health Sciences and MA Program in Health and Welfare, and Health Service Management
March 2004 First year to grant doctoral degrees—the completion of the entire educational program at IUHW
April 2004 Establishment of specialty in Clinical Testing Laboratory Research
(In 2008 the title of the same specialty changed to Research and Development of New Medicinal Treatment*.)
2005 Establishment of specialties in Assistive Cytogenic Reproduction* and Health and Welfare Journalism*
2006 Establishment of specialties in Midwifery and Orthoptics
2007 Establishment of MS Program in Clinical Psychology
2008 Establishment of specialty courses in Radiological Technologist for Cancer Treatment, Certified Pharmacist for Cancer Medicinal Treatment, and Technical Cancer Registry
(Supported by the Ministry of Education and Science with its
plan “Training Scheme for Cancer Treatment Professionals”)
2009 Establishment of specialty for Pharmaceutical Sciences and MS program for Biosis-pharmacy
Establishment of the PhD Program in Pharmaceutical Sciences
Establishment of specialty in Nurse Practitioner
2010 Establishment of MA Program of Business Administration in Healthcare (h-MBA)
Establishment of specialties in Health Information Management and Analysis
2011 Establishment of PhD Program in Journalism in Healthcare
Establishment of PhD Program in Medical Psychology
Establishment of specialty for Assistive Technology Science
*Entirely new specialties in Japan

Campuses and Curricula for scholars to learn and research while working

More and more health and welfare specialists want to learn in a graduate school to gain advanced knowledge and skills while working. As the number is increasing year by year, our graduate school is trying to comply with the demand, setting up 6 campuses in Ohtawara, Aoyama in Tokyo, Odawara, Atami, Fukuoka Tenjin, and Fukuoka Okawa, with 2 satellite campuses in Kumamoto. Most classes are scheduled in the evenings and on Saturdays. In addition, our MS program for Clinical Psychology has been accredited as a Class 1 Graduate School by the Japan Association of Clinical Psychologists.

Distance Learning

A tele-communication system has been installed on the 6 campuses through which classes and seminars are conducted, inviting heated discussion between teachers and students. This distance- learning system can offer classes to every campus at the same time through television and computer screens. Satellite Campus

Three New Courses for Cancer Treatment

These new courses are supported by the plan proposed by the Ministry of Education and Science “Training Scheme for Cancer Treatment Professionals.”

Jichi Medical University and IUHW have cooperated in proposing a new plan entitled “Practical Training Program of Cancer Treatment for Clients as Whole Men,” which was adopted by the Ministry of Education and Science as part of its plan mentioned above. Our goal is to foster top specialists with expertise in cancer treatment by activating Master’s and Doctoral programs:

(1) Radiological Technologist for Cancer Treatment
(2) Certified Pharmacist for Cancer Medicinal Treatment
(3) Technical Cancer Registry.


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